Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wii Tricked 'Em!

I have nosy kids. Especially around Christmas. Of course it doesn't help that we leave receipts laying around. Alex found a GameStop receipt and proudly told the boys she had discovered their Christmas present: a Wii. So I told a story, a Life Embellishment or a Santa Lie if you will. I told them that one of their friends was getting a Wii (this is actually true), and we were just buying a couple of accessories for it. The truth is that we got the Wii for free courtesy of TravelDaddy's Marriott points, and, yes, the accessories were for us.

Even though they seemed to buy the lie, we decided to have some fun with them. Last night after the kids were in bed, we got the Wii set up (or, rather, my husband got it set up). Then we snuck into their room, stole the GameCube, and wrapped it and some old games in a huge box to be discovered at the end of a scavenger hunt.

Much to the kids' dismay, they had to wait for Daddy to complete a conference call this morning before the scavenger hunt could commence. But they were soon on the prowl looking for clues.

Along the way they collected a couple of small gifts which they were to leave unopened until we gave them the go-ahead. These were the Wii accessories. Finally, they ended up at the big box. Their looks of absolute glee as they tore into the box were priceless. Their looks of confusion when they discovered their old GameCube and old games were priceless.

Thankfully there was another clue on the bottom of the box which led them to their final final destination where they discovered the Wii. As can be expected, the Wii has been the event of the day. And the Presents of December continues because the Princess was about as enthralled with the new gaming device as I am at the thought of making a new sheep costume. So we decided she should have an early present, one for which she will appreciate some extra playtime before we head to the North Pole. And that she did. She has played with her new Polly Pocket Cruise Ship for hours.

And as for Mark and me, we had our first Wii tennis tournament while the kids were in the shower this afternoon. He creamed me. But guess who travels and therefore doesn't get as much practice time? Oh, there will be payback! I think in his absence I may work on mastering the Boxing as well...all part of my evil genius plan.


Darcsea said...

I remember my mom use to do scavenger hunts for us. We loved it and it really didn't matter what was at the end, we just loved the journey to find the treasure. I am glad they are getting to enjoy the game before leaving. Merry Christmas!

CrossView said...

Cute idea! What fun!

Though I am jealous of the price. =P

Annie said...

I felt good about just getting the presents wrapped and under the tree last night! You guys are so creative and energetic... and inspiring! The Wii is a great invention. We LOVE ours too. :)

courtney said...

This reminds me of the time when we got a gigantic box and put most of the older kids presents in it, then wrapped it up and put a tag on it "To: Tristan", who was the youngest at the time. They were good sports about it, even when it seemed they had only one present under the tree. :)