Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Audrelia Bedelia

The kids got new powered toothbrushes yesterday, and Audrey was giving hers a try. I reminded her, "Audrey, don't forget the back." Without pause, she extricated the brush from her mouth and reached behind her to "clean" her back.

I guess she just assumed this new-fangled toothbrush was an all-in-one cleaner.


Kris said...

Too funny!!!!

I'll never forget the day my technology-deprived, just-returned-from-Iraq hubby tried to use his newfangled powered toothbrushes his first day home....and sprayed the entire bathroom with toothpaste because I'd neglected to tell him to put it in his mouth before turning it on! Talk about PTSD!

courtney said...

lol-how funny! And that's also such a neat thing for Alex to want to donate her hair. What a giving little girl!

Darcsea said...

So cute! They take our words so literally. I miss the cute kid days.

Annie said...

Omigoodness. that is too funny. I hope you have a wonderful day, today.


p.s. - don't you LOVE being able to blog all those cute moments? I just wish I had been blogging since my kids were born so I wouldn't have forgotten so many little things like that.

Annie said...

Oh yeah, the title of your post is so cute too. I just now got it! ;) A little slow today.

CrossView said...

ROFL! Takes cleanliness to a whole new level!