Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OK, so...sick boy, not much to do today. I started wasting time and playing with my blog. I know just enough to get me in trouble, big trouble. And as you can plainly see, I'm a little stuck. I wanted to add a third column. I googled it and found several hundred thousand people who think they can tell me the best way to add a third column. Some offered pages of html, while others offered 3 Quick Steps. I finally gave up on that option and decided to just use one of several hundred thousand free templates out there. That's when I found one such website whose html I dutifully and trustingly uploaded, knowing I could always go back to a Blogger 2-column standard if all else failed.

All else failed. The template they gave me left those three bulleted options on my header NO MATTER WHAT I DO. It's not in the html. I can't find it to discard it. I also can't get Blogger to just go back to my regular adorable picture of my Christmas baby. It's on the layout, but it doesn't show.

So...you all just bear with me. I'm going to get my baby back. And I just may let those other blog template people know where they can shove their free templates!

Update: So that was supposed to take 15 minutes. Three hours later...I'm satisfied...for now. Now to get to cleaning this house and a million other much more important matters. Including a sick boy.


Anonymous said...

Do not enter your http code (the image link) into your HTML.

Instead upload your header by going to Layout & your header image will display on top, click EDIT. Upload the image directly from your harddrive here & click "use instead of ..." or "replace" (Can't remember exact terminology)

Kris said...

I'm SOOOO not a geek, so I sympathize wholeheartedly. When I attempted a self-redo a few months ago, I lost my whole blog...it was not a pretty sight. You're doing a whole lot better than I did.

The non-geeks shall prevail!!!! You go, girl!

CrossView said...

It looks great!

I don't think I'd even make an attempt. =/

Sheila said...

It does look really good! And I love your header!

So congratulations! Just think of all the stuff you learned that you can now pass on to your kids.

And thanks for blogrolling me!

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