Friday, December 12, 2008

Finding Her Wings

There was certainly a lot of flitting around here tonight. And I feel a little like I live in a shoe. And that I'm an old woman. Well, not really. I do exaggerate every now and again. It was another precedented birthday sleepover here at the shoe house, and all 6 girls are tucked in bed. I can still hear they aren't asleep, but they're all good girls. And it is a sleepover after all, so I'll let them be. They're tired after a butterfly charm bracelet craft, pizza, cake, and Horton Hears a Who, so it won't be long.

In all honesty, these things are getting easier. My kids and their friends are all quite independent now, so really my only function is to make sure there's food on the table and the house doesn't burn down. Oh, and keep the boys at bay. There is one boy in particular who loves a good female audience. I won't mention any names, but it's not the shy one. We were supposed to have a kid swap with one of Alex's guests so the boys could spend the night with her brother; however, because I didn't want the boys to take the brother's germs with them to the North Pole in a week and 1/2, I opted to keep them home to take every opportunity to show off in front of the girls.

So, what with the independence and fending off the boys, I'm getting this little vision of future parties in this household. Life can only get more interesting. As for my birthday girl, she is certainly finding her wings. I want so badly to hold on to those wings, but I guess what I really need to do is be careful not to wipe off any of the fuzz.


dclouser said...

Happy Birthday to Alex! What a darling cake and a darling girl.

CrossView said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a good time was had by all!

I always thought "sleep over" was an oxymoron, anyway.... ;o)