Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Gymnast

"Mommy," she said as we left her next-to-last gymnastics class of the season, "at first I thought gymnastics was just doing cartwheels. But gymnastics is a lot more funner than I thought!"

She has truly had a wonderful time in her gymnastics class. This season ended with a little awards ceremony

Audrey & Cherie

and an ice cream party.
ice cream

It wasn't lost on Audrey that some of the girls got a medal, while she only got a ribbon. She asked me about it. I told her that those girls got a medal because they were in gymnastics all year long rather than just one season.

It really wasn't necessary to ask her if she wants to continue with gymnastics; she's got her eye on that medal.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging & other things that have been happening...

I know I've been terrible about blogging. When I originally began Treasured Chapters, it was for the sole purpose of recording our family happenings. But along the way, I have gone through periods of time when I worry about followers and how many comments I have, etc. NOT that I haven't LOVED getting to know so many wonderful people along the way. I have, I really have. It's just that when I let that pressure get to me, blogging becomes an obsession and something that takes up time I should be spending with my kids. So I have tried to take a step back. While I still value all of my bloggy friends and hope to get back to checking in with them, I am still going to allow myself a good night's sleep if I can't make my rounds on any given day!

That said, here are some things we have been up to:

1. We joined the local YMCA and have really enjoyed that. We go every weekend and often during the week to swim or to have a good family game of basketball. OK, so we usually lay HORSE or PIG rather than an actual game, but we have fun. Tomorrow, Audrey will start swimming lessons there.

2. We are winding down our school year. The kids are finishing up their books, so we are on a lighter schedule. There will still be summer work to do when they finish their curriculum (shhhh...don't tell; they don't know that yet), but we'll be more relaxed.

3. This hasn't been the most stellar year of my homeschool career mostly because it had such a rocky start, but I'm ready to make next year a good year. After next year? Well, we haven't decided yet. Of course, it depends on how this year goes and where we end up living, but I am gathering information on one of the area Christian schools. I have found that as the kids get older, there are fewer and fewer kids homeschooling alongside them, so it may be time. If we decide on school, Alex would probably go for a year while I have a year at home with just the boys and Audrey, then the boys would go. I don't know. Taking it one year at a time, so we'll see.

4. Today we had a really good day, one of those days where you sure don't want any of your kids sitting in a classroom somewhere. We met a homeschool group at a park/lake and had a wonderful 4-5 hours of the moms sitting in the shade chatting and the kids enjoying all sorts of games of their making in the water and along the shore. A beautiful, really fun day.

And that's really about all we've been up to. And I know - this is the second post in a row with no photos. I actually took some pictures today, but I want to get this posted, and I have a little girl who is still wearing pond water, so I'd like to get her in the bath!