Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Twas a Couple Weeks Before Christmas

'Twas a couple weeks before Christmas, when in five different homes
The mommies were all stressed, feeling the need to roam.
Laundry wasn't done, and the dishes were all dirty.
Each mommy was feeling at least twenty years plus thirty.
The children were wild; they were climbing the walls
While all the frazzled mommies yelled down the halls.
So they donned their going-out clothes and dolled up their hair
For an evening out, each other's company to share.
The Italian restaurant, it was filled with much chatter,
But sitting there with no kids, all the noise didn't matter.
Around the table we mommies sat and we talked
While making sure the garlic roll basket was always well stocked.
The presence of wonderful, scintillating conversation
Soon made us forget that we needed a vacation.
And at the end of the meal, one friend so sweet
Presented us each with a gift-wrapped treat.
Delicious and crunchy, it was chocolate-covered toffee,
A delicacy that most certainly trumps coffee.
The check was paid, and out the door we women filed.
With a resolve to remember, into a big group we piled.
To a stranger, we implored, "Take a picture, please?"
And into a corner, we all did squeeze:
Stand here, Martha, Jamie, and Stace.
Alyson and Katy, take your place.
Then on to the movies four of us went.
Dinner and a show: an evening Heaven-sent.
Four Christmases danced merrily across the screen,
And there were laughs to share in every scene.
The credits rolled, signalling the end of our night.
Though our Small Group has disbanded, I'm glad we're all tight.
As we walked to our cars under the light of the moon,
We said to each other, "Love you lots. Let's do this again soon."


醽醁 said...
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CrossView said...

I love it! LOL! Great version and looks like such a great time!

Annie said...

I am officially jealous. looks like you had an AWESOME time!