Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on the Princess and the Pool

First the Princess…it’s been 4 days since her injury, and she’s doing well; she even attempted clapping today. Despite her discomfort, I have to admit that she is an absolutely adorable invalid (But then she’s pretty much absolutely adorable no matter what she’s doing!). Her little bandaged hand looks like a cast, and she holds it up and out to the side. She is especially cute when she does her new trick—the kids will ask her a question like, “Who’s cute in this family?” and she’ll raise her little bandaged hand and yell, “ME!” That’s about the most movement she gives her injured hand up to this point, though. She had left-handed tendencies before her injury, and we’ve decided that this experience will dictate her definitive left-handedness since she is using it for everything.

We’ve developed quite a routine for changing her bandages, although that routine was disrupted today when Mark left. She normally cries and fights us when we change her together, but tonight she was a perfect angel when I went solo. Mark had suggested before he left that I put her in her seat at the table. I did so and gave her some candy to hold with her good hand. Then we chatted about the birds and the dog and before she knew it, she had a clean bandage on. Then came the most important part of the routine: The first time she had her bandages changed, it was so traumatic, I took her outside afterwards to calm her down. Now she expects that we will go on a little walk down to the mailbox and back each time she has her dressing changed. She’s quite the little character!

As for the pool, it’s coming along nicely. The crew was here today putting on the coping after having installed the tile last week. Next will be the decking which will happen sometime this week as well. According to our contractor, we may possibly be in our pool weekend after next! It has certainly been a quicker process than anticipated, although I’ve had about enough of the dirt everywhere!

Mark spent some time working in the back yesterday. My genius Handyman Husband ran a gas line to the far corner of the lower end of our yard where our grilling area will be. He also ran electricity to meet any needs we will have when we transform that space into a seating area. In addition, we plan to have a lamppost to which he ran an electrical wire as well. As the days get warmer, I’m looking more and more forward to being able to jump in!

The kids have enjoyed the pool already—exploring the concrete depths of it, that is. Audrey spent a long time yesterday collecting leaves. She would toddle down to the deep end—her little feet padding against the concrete, her injured hand up in the air—pick up a leaf, pad back to me, add the leaf to her pile on the steps, and then return for another one. She was quite proud of her accomplishment and protested loudly when it was time to go in.

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