Sunday, May 13, 2007

Matches Made in Heaven

Today is Mother’s Day, and I feel so honored to be Mother to my four. It is such a privilege that God entrusted these four to us!! Are there four children in this world who could have fit together in this family more perfectly? Not a chance!

It’s been a good day…dreaming of the day in a few weeks when we can jump in the pool on a hot, muggy day like today; planning and dreaming up gardens and fun places to create and play in. And…I think Alex has her first crush! She was really hanging around this boy named Jonathan in Sunday School, and he seemed to have a special affinity for her as well. She gets a little crimson colored and giggly when you mention him, so one can only guess. A few minutes ago, she informed me that Jonathan also watches American Idol and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Aaahhh! A match made in heaven!

The ground breaking for the pool will take place tomorrow morning. And we will soon have a landscaper lined up to come finish some things in the yard. Although our budget is small, we will at least get the rest of the backyard finished in matching grass as well as get rid of a lot of trees that are casting unwanted shadows on the pool area. Our pool area at this time is set apart by string, which has been pinned to the ground for the last week just waiting…

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