Thursday, May 24, 2007

Homeschool Blahs, Pt. II

HB has still got me down; however, there were three small events today that have contributed to my ongoing recovery. The first occurred this morning as Michael and I were tackling math facts. We’ve been learning our +1s and our doubles, and while oral recitation of the facts has sufficed to this point, the curriculum now calls for completion of a “fact sheet.” I’ve hesitated…I know my Michael and I can imagine him heaving a big, dramatic sigh and then telling me he’s too tired or something. So I reluctantly pulled out the fact sheet, put on an over-confident grin and said, “Look, Michael, you get to do a fact sheet…just like Alex does!” Those sparkly eyes lit up even more, a grin spread across his face, he almost reverently took the sheet from me, and then he gleefully took off to complete it as “independent work.”


Within minutes, Michael was back still all grins and with his completed paper. I made a huge deal over his work and how neat it was.  Of course, Miss Academic said, “Let me see it and I’ll circle the ones that are wrong.” Sorry, my little Teacher, but not a one was wrong! Then…my son asked for another fact sheet! So I gave him tomorrow’s fact sheet which he promptly returned…neat and 100% accurate! As he handed his second sheet to me, he exclaimed, “Tomorrow I want to do TEN of these!” (As an added note, he did complete TWO more of them later on in the day!!)


My second bright spot of the day was the three hours I was out shopping solo. My sister-in-law who is a missionary in Jordan asked me to purchase a suitcase full of little baby girl stuff for a friend. Spend the afternoon out on my own? Spend someone else’s money? Why, yes, I can do that! Sign me up!


When I got home, my third treasure was waiting for me…from Michael again. I could see him in the dining room window watching me drive up. He was very busy with something, and I was so proud when he met me at the door with the product of his hard labor: a poem! He has not to this point had the confidence to write anything unless I spell everything out for him. Using a journal, I’ve been trying to encourage him to write inventively, but he just hasn’t been comfortable with it…until today!


My Me Time and a couple of glimpses into the fruits of my labor with Michael have helped me begin the road to recovery from my Homeschool Blahs. I know God knew I needed those three sunny spots to break up my gray days. I’m excited about my time with Michael tomorrow. One day at a time, right?



(I suppose his commentary on a day spent at home could be considered a fourth treasure, couldn’t it?)

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