Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dear Jacob

Five years and almost 1 hour ago, we welcomed you into our lives and hearts. Five years have gone by so quickly, yet we don’t remember, nor could we ever imagine life without you! You are our sweet, tender-hearted boy who makes us feel so special because you let us in on the real Jacob! You are shy, quiet, and gentle around others. With us, you are giggly, witty, and you punch and tumble with the best of ‘em.


You have grown so much this year, Jacob! Your confidence in yourself and in your dealing with the world around you has greatly matured. Last year it was still tough for you to leave us for Sunday School and AWANA. You would cry and hold on to us so tightly, we would have to pry you off as we ran out the door! Now you love going to your class, and in fact, you choose your class over being with Mommy and Daddy!


This year you have given up Pull-Ups…even at night. You have learned how to write your letters. You are also learning how to read, and you are so good at it. Your ambition and perseverance has brought much improvement to your reading. You enjoy school and love to be a part of everything.


Your serving, tender heart is so very precious to us. You are always the first one to help me out by clearing your dishes or putting your dirty clothes away. Your conscientiousness about things like that is amazing. And your servant attitude shows through your tenderness in the way you deal with your baby sister. You are very sweet to her. I have this picture in my mind from a couple of weeks ago when you gently lead Audrey to her swing. Guiding her with your hand on the small of her back, you walked patiently with her up the hill. Then with your big, strong muscles, you lifted her up into the swing and not only pushed her, but also played a game of Peek-a-Boo with her!


Jacob, you are such a big boy now, and we have so many dreams for you as you grow. We pray that you will learn more this year about God and how He can be your personal Father. We pray that this year will bring growth spiritually, physically, personally, and academically and that this growth will be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


We love you and are so proud you are ours!

Daddy and Mommy

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