Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tea for Two Plus Two More

The kids all had a minor giggle fit when I told them we were studying Confucius today. I threatened to name the new kitten thusly, but the general consensus was that we’ll just stick with Stitch. There wasn’t much of a craft we could do with Confucius, so I told the Legend of Tea and the three kids and I had a tea party while the Princess got her afternoon beauty sleep. The kids absolutely love having tea parties, and to them a tea party consists of glass dishes, junk food and iced tea. I also fold a napkin all fancy for them, and they love that. Of course we focus on good manners and just have a gay ol’ time at our “tea parties.” For added fun at this tea party, we dissected a tea bag so they could see the leaves. They thought the Earl Grey tea leaves smelled pretty disgusting!

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