Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Very Own Adrian Monk

If you've ever watched the USA Network, you are probably acquainted with Adrian Monk...the OCD detective who, though often only focusing on the uncleanliness and disorderliness of a crime scene efficiently solves the crime because no detail goes unnoticed. Michael has a bit of Adrian Monk in him. Lately, I've begun to think that he has A LOT of Adrian Monk in him! Here are some recent examples:

On the way home from Athens the other day, he decided he REALLY liked the Matt Redman song "Never Let Go." He requested it over and over. I obliged a few times and finally said, "OK, but this is the last time." "No, Mommy, just one more time after that so it can be an even number!" A comment like that is a little alarming, but it is nice to know I've been able to teach him odd and even numbers this year, isn't it?

On some of Michael's A Beka Phonics workbook pages, he has to circle the picture that the word describes. This should not take long, right? Well, it does if you have to draw a perfect circle around the word, create a "knot" for the circle, and then discuss your reasoning for the "knot": I'll just tie this tub so the water doesn't drain out." "Let me tie this tree so the leaves don't fall off." "If I tie the sun, I won't get a sunburn." And don't get me started on the exercises where he has to fill in a bubble! We're doomed when it comes time for him to take a state test!

Last night while the boys were brushing their teeth, Michael informed me that he had cleaned his bathroom. He proudly pointed out everything he cleaned, including the toilet. He grinned when he told me how much fun he had had cleaning the bathroom. "What did you use to clean the toilet, Michael?" "Oh, these towels, and then I pulled the stool over so I could reach to hang them back up." Time to do some laundry!! Then he began to organize the two drawers that flank each end of the vanity. He opened the first drawer and assigned it to Jacob. It had a few dinosaur flosser things in it, two bottles of vitamins, and several of those plastic safety plugs for outlets. He began to divvy everything up. "OK, 2 dinosaurs for me and 2 for Jacob, 1 bottle of pills for me, 1 for Jacob." Then he got to the safety plugs which flustered him for a minute. Finally, he tossed one in the trash, saying under this breath, "I'll just throw this one away so it's even." Good thing he wasn't dividing up diamonds or hundred dollar bills!

So I wonder if this OCD thing is a growing thing or if we will just continue to get glimpses of Adrian Monk throughout Michael's life. I suppose if the engineering thing doesn't work out, he can always become a psychotic--but loveable--detective.

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