Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Angel Mail

God promises in the Bible that He sends angels to protect us. We don't always see them, but I know of one who lives in Washington state. I met her in cyberspace through one of my Homeschool discussion groups. She began An Angel's Touch Mail, a group which commits to sending notes of cheer to people who are seriously ill.

I knew this group would touch the heart of my compassionate child, Alex, so we joined. This will undoubtedly become a project near and dear to our hearts as we continue to pray for Alex's Aunt Jennie who still faces more chemo.

Today we had our first angel assignment: a 7-year-old girl in Michigan who has a tumor behind her right eye as well as neurofibromatosis. We did a little shopping this morning to pick up some flat items for mailing, and Alex made a nice card. We'll send the package off tomorrow in hopes that it reaches a little girl in good spirits with the strength to endure the chemo and other treatment that lies ahead. In the meantime, we've added Tiarra to our prayer journal.

(If you want to know more about An Angel's Touch Mail, email me and I'll make sure the angel in Washington gets in touch with you.)

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