Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Julius Caesar Eats S'Mores in a Tent

Last week we heard about Julius Caesar’s hunger for power over all of Rome. We also contrasted him with Cincinnatus, a strong warrior who led the Romans to victory but then returned to his farming rather than answering the call to lead a kingdom. This week we heard more about Julius Caesar’s quest for power, and I was happy with Alex’s understanding about how such a strong hunger for power can lead to many unfortunate events and how many people cover up mistakes and go to great lengths just to acquire power. And what do they get in the end? Death by stabbing: Et tu, Brute?

After reading about Caesar, Michael read a story for us called “Fun with a Sheet.” He’s just begun reading two stories a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We do this for added practice but really mostly so he can advance more quickly up his reading chart ladder toward the end goal: an ice cream party. Anyway, he read his second story to not only me, but also his brother and sister. I had promised a special snack to them that had something to do with the story. Since the two girls in the story made a tent out of their sheet, Alex immediately guessed that we were making S’Mores.

Although they were microwaved, the kids enjoyed their S’Mores and the ooey, gooey mess that accompanied them. And they were thrilled after snacktime when I handed them a stack of sheets and told them to build a tent. With some adult help in safety pinning some of the sheets together (for added height), they completed their two-room tent. I promised they could sleep in their tent, so they have already laid out their pajamas, and Alex has packed a toiletry kit in her Six Flags souvenir lunchbox. Now we just have one dilemma: I forgot to get the noisy pair of Budgies out of the room BEFORE the tent went up. Guess who pointed this unfortunate fact out to me? Yes, it was Alex.

Note that this tent spans the room, so if you need me tonight, I’ll be slithering under a tent of sheets toting a bird cage. Ah, but Caesar could only dream of possessing such prowess in his army!

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