Monday, August 6, 2007

A Magic Carpet, a Sword Fight, and a Fallen Empire

We had a lot of fun today diving into the Middle Ages through Story of the World. In the text, Bauer suggests to the reader that he imagine himself on a magic carpet flying above the vast region that was the Great Roman Empire. So we fashioned our own magic carpet--a sheet on the futon, and the kids climbed aboard and held on tight. They were able to see the map empire below them as we flew around to the various regions.

During our journey we took a little break for a sword fight when we read about the Roman soldiers and how prepared they were for battle. We also read about how the Celts were beginning to feel a little rebellious up there in Britain.

And finally, we read about the fall of that great empire. After illustrating it with a little game of "steal the markers" from the Roman guard, we got out the Risk game and acted out how the Roman soldiers were trying to protect too much land to guard it effectively. Of course reality set in and we returned to 2007 in the US when we jumped in the car after Story of the World and headed over to the library, but it is always worth noting and remembering on any journey big or small that it was the Romans who gave us the idea of paving our roads!

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