Friday, August 10, 2007

A Visitor's Demise

We had a visitor tonight...of the reptilian sort. As we were finishing dinner, Mark got up from the table. Glancing out the door, he said, "That's a really big snake." He said it very nonchalantly as if we have snakes of varying sizes stop by on a daily basis. I went over to the door, expecting to see a snake barely bigger than one of those worm-sized snakes you sometimes happen across when gardening. But what I found was this guy:

I have not seen a snake this big on this continent except in zoos, and this guy was NOT in a cage. In fact, he was not only in my backyard, but resting comfortably on the threshhold of my back door, about a foot and a half from where my baby sat eating her dinner! Mark went out the other back door and grabbed the pool broom which he used to trap the snake. I went to get a shovel. After delivering the shovel to him, my valiant husband played with the snake for a few minutes while I ran to get the camera. Unfortunately, the playing lasted a little too long because our legless friend disappeared under the grill and wouldn't come out. I was beginning to have visions of Mark prepping the grill for dinner tomorrow night only to have this little beast strike.

Mark finally coaxed him out and promptly chopped off his head. The kids were then permitted to come out and inspect our visitor from a better vantage point than the family room window.

The boys thought it was very cool that the snake's mouth kept opening and closing even after Daddy had thrown its body over the fence. Alex said she thought she might throw up.

I have to admit that since I am so often home without the Valiant Snake Killer and I have 4 little people to keep safe and sound, I am feeling a little bit like Alex.

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