Monday, August 27, 2007

Mother Nature and Pool Parties

"So, you're having a pool party, eh?" Mother Nature asks with a mischievous laugh and a twinkle in her eye. Weather-wise yesterday began beautifully. And I had a real sunny spot at church. I have mentioned that still, even 11 years away from my teaching days, I run into students. While parents don't have favorites, I'm here to tell you that teachers do. Chris was one of my favorites. Well, there he was at my church yesterday! All grown up, married, and working in youth ministry with our Youth Pastor! It was fun to see him.

The sun continued to shine yesterday right up until about an hour and a half before our small group was to arrive for a pool party. I looked at the weather radar after the storm began and wouldn't you know that not a speck of green or red covered the whole state except for one long band right over us!! Of course! It rained for a couple of hours and stayed gloomy the remainder of the day. When the guests arrived, the kids naturally cared little about the weather and enjoyed the pool in spite of it. We ended up having a great evening of food, fun, and fellowship. (Take that, Mother Nature!)

Today is supposed to bring another pool party, this one with my homeschool group. However, it's gloomy once more. Add that to the fact that I am not sleeping because of my back, and I think we're going to opt to spend an hour at my new Dr. Quack's office rather than at the pool. I'm guessing as soon as I make that call to cancel our RSVP at the pool party, Mother Nature will gently blow the clouds away. Just to tease me of course.

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