Friday, August 17, 2007


During the first session of our day at Communicators for Christ today I began to think that perhaps it was too early to bring my well-spoken daughter to a conference on public speaking; the hour-long opening ceremony was a bit much for her and for other young ones in the audience. However, the rest of the day took a positive turn, and by the closing ceremony, Alex was having a good time.

After the opening session, the participants did some activities to improve their expression in speech. Following that they were divided into groups for their poetry presentations. Alex did well and only seemed a little bit nervous. The CFC leader for her group gave her some good tips for improvement. After their presentations, the kids went on to give expository and impromtu speeches as well as present a joke. Of course with this age, "speeches" are very short, but what great practice for a beginning in public speaking!

While Alex was presenting her joke and her impromptu speech to her peers, I was in a workshop with the brain behind CFC. We parents acquired some helpful tips for incorporating public speaking techniques into our daily activities. I look forward to continuing practice with these skills as well as passing them on to the boys too. As far as attending again next year, I'm not sure at this age that Alex enjoyed her day THAT much, but CFC is certainly something we will participate in again at some point in the future.

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