Monday, June 18, 2007

Calling on Mr. Maytag Repairman

Have you seen the latest commercial? The one with the weary woman returning from work to find the Maytag repair man fiddling with the entertainment center? Of course, he's dabbling in electronics because the Maytag appliances just never break and therefore never need his attention. Well, Mr. Maytag Repairman, if you are so bored, why aren't you showing up at my house first thing tomorrow morning instead of sometime between 8 and 12 on Wednesday??

Our dryer chose today to stop working. Today was laundry day and the first laundry day after VBS week, which is so busy that no laundry gets done. Needless to say, by today the closets were bare, the piles of dirty clothes high. I put my first clean load in the dryer, set the dryer, put a new load in the washer, and then spent a couple of hours in the pool with the kids. I came in to find the dryer was done. I opened the door. The clothes were still cold and wet! Now I have been known to set the dryer but forget to turn it on (I know, surprising, isn't it?), so I thought maybe that was the problem. But after another 30 minutes: Houston, we have a problem. Actually, I said, "Mark, we have a problem." He's such a great problem-solver!

Apparently, Mr. Maytag Repairman was taking a nap because Mark was on hold with them for at least 20 minutes. After scheduling the visit (which, incidentally, isn't actually with Mr. Maytag Repairman but some other company that has neither a "may" nor a "tag" in their name), Mark found out we have to pay for the visit. Are you kidding me? The dryer is only 2 years old. If you were spending advertising dollars bragging about how your product is so good, wouldn't you want to uphold your reputation? Tell you what, Mr. Maytag Repairman, I'll tell everyone you just came to fix the stereo if you'll cover the charge!

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