Thursday, August 23, 2007

Enough Visitors. Really.

This little guy whom we found enjoying the pool was admittedly very cute. But my first question was, "Where's his mama?" He arrived after a storm, so I'm not sure if he was blown in or came of his own volition, but there he was very competently swimming in our pool.

I grew up on the Dark Continent, so I've seen my share of snakes and even come face-to-face with a cobra, but I really don't like them in my backyard where my kids play! I guess this drought is driving them to the pool and to the dog's water dish. I was pleased to note this little guy was very bashful. Everytime I tried to photographically capture his lithe little reptilian frame from the front, he would dive way under and take! Mark caught him no problem with the net, though.

I think I found him on the internet under Brown Water Snake, a harmless snake common in this area and often confused with the poisonous Water Mocassin. In my online reading, I came across many authors who implored the readers to stop misunderstanding and mistreating our reptilian friends and killing them needlessly. You know what? They're snakes! I don't want them in my yard. I don't want them around my children. If it weren't for one very infamous snake and one very luscious garden...well, you know the story. And I'll tell pertaining to this cute little guy, I was not very understanding and, upon my request, the Valiant Snakekiller mistreated him to his death.

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