Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mental Health Day

Have you ever had one of those days where, upon greeting the new morning, you just know you need to make the decision to abandon all that's on the calendar for the day and replace it with some quality down time? Well, today was that day for me, only the decision was made before the sun came up. I had a good visit with Dr. Quack yesterday, so I was actually sleeping really well...until 1:30 when the Princess awakened me. She has this idea in her pretty little head that she must sleep with her Dollhouse twin "babies", the "mommy", and the "daddy" and very often much of the furniture from the dollhouse. She obviously woke up and couldn't find one or both of her babies beside her (they're only about an inch tall, go figure!). She desperately wanted me to come to her aid, so I went up and helped my crazy little baby girl find her babies and settle back down. Then I tried to settle back down--something very difficult for me to do. So I began to plan tomorrow. The thought of a mental health day suddenly popped into my head when I pondered Alex who is just getting over a cold and could use a day off. So I turned my alarm clock off, finally drifted back to sleep, and didn't get out of bed until 7:30!

Alex didn't get up until almost 9:00 and seems to have slept the rest of her cold away (like her Daddy does). The Princess, however, woke up unusually and exceptionally grumpy, so I was very thankful for my decision to play hooky today. I've tried to plan some fun but lazy things to do today--some reading, games, and a movie. The rest will do us good as tonight is the first night for AWANA. We spent a good portion of yesterday on a wild goose chase trying to track down the books I need to use to teach AWANA tonight; finally got my hands on them at 7:30 last night. While I could blame someone else for not giving me the right materials in the first place, I can also blame myself for not looking at the materials until yesterday and then discovering something was amiss. So we drove to church and then got detoured to someone's house who wasn't home yet. Then to Dr. Quack's office. Then back home to wait until the lady with the books got home, then back way across town to finally pick them up. After all that work to get the books, everyone better be well tonight so I can make it to AWANA to teach this lesson!!

In the interim between now and AWANA, we'll squeeze in some playtime with a new board game I got (The Manners Game--wonder if they'll see through me on this one?) and also watch a movie. We're featuring Pippi Longstocking in the theater this afernoon, one of my favorite childhood characters. Alex is doing a book report on Pippi, so she gets tickled to see some of the antics from the book played out on the big screen.

Before we know it, our day of downtime will be over and a new day will dawn. I suppose it will be up for debate whether or not our mental health day has done me any good. I am looking forward to tomorrow, however, because we will be home all day--no appointments with Dr. Quack, no errands to run for the church, no planned outings, and with a full fridge and a planned menu--no trips to the grocery store. Thankfully, tomorrow it will be back to homeschooling instead of carschooling.

How a princess spends a mental health day.

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