Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's In a Name?

I love to hear toddlers talk using their own toddler-ese. And one of the cutest things to note are the names that toddlers assign to various family members. When we brought Michael home, Alex dubbed him "Mi-Mal." In turn, as Michael reached toddlerhood, Alex became "Ashy." And Jacob still calls Alex "Awex." Now it's Audrey's turn, and she has the most creative names of all.

Last night during devotions, I asked, "Who would like to pray?" Audrey gave an enthusiastic, "Mee-ee!" So she prayed in her normal fashion, repeating words from my phrases:

Mommy: Lord, please help Alex.

Audrey: Da-da

Mommy: And Michael.

Audrey: Bize

Mommy: And Jacob.

Audrey: Bize

Mommy: And Audrey.

Audrey: Baby

Mommy: And Mommy and Daddy.

Audrey: Mommy, Daddy

We aren't sure where "Da-da" came from for Alex, unless it caught on when I've occasionally called Alex "Alexandra" (usually followed by her middle and last name as well as a reprimand!). And, until she began calling Daddy "Daddy" rather than "Dada", it got confusing around here. As for "Bize," the last time Audrey prayed, she called Michael "Ba-pal" (I can hear that), and she called Jacob "Deese" (don't ask). It is my theory that "Bize" comes from us always referring to the pair as the "boys." At any rate, Audrey-ese is truly creative and unique!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet; however, I think 'tis much sweeter coming from the mouth of a Princess requesting a brother or sister's attention!

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