Thursday, September 20, 2007

Destination: The Final Frontier

When we picked Audrey up after Awana last night, she had a fever (my sincere apologies to anyone who had children in the nursery with the Princess), so even last night I had pretty much written off today as far as academics go. However, yesterday I re-discovered, a treasure I had forgotten about until I began my quest to find cursive practice for Alex. Learning Pages offers thematic units...and some wonderful resources on Space. Since we have been studying the Solar System, I made an executive decision this morning to have a day without the 3R's and just participate in whatever academics the Princess would allow us to do.

One of the resources LP offers are murals to go along with each unit. I decided that would be our project this morning, so I put up a black wall using construction paper. I did sneak in a little 'Rithmetic with Alex when I challenged her to figure out how many pieces of paper we'd need if we had 4 rows of 10 across. As I was putting up the black paper, I explained to the kids that I was putting Space on the wall. After it was done, Michael said, "We have the coolest house ever!"

After creating Space on the wall, I began to get the cut-outs prepared for coloring. During my prep time, my little teacher gathered a hallway classroom with the boys, Audrey, and several stuffed animals. I caught the beginning of her lecture: "There is more in space than just the earth and the sun..." She went on to explain all about other heavenly bodies, the planets (and how they got their names from gods and goddesses). Finally, when I told them it was time to color Alex declared, "Workshop!"

The Solar System mural turned out well, and the kids have asked if we can keep it forever. And seeing as how we've only studied Mercury and Venus yet Alex taught the kids and their stuffed animals so much, I may just put her in charge of homeschooling from here on out!

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