Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Remedy for the Big S

Everyone knows that Socialization is the question of the day when it comes to homeschooling. I for one have never been the least bit worried about this issue because I know my children are adequately--if not overly--socialized. Today we did a little socialization...just in case I'm wrong--we had a playdate with the kids' very special friends Grace and Jack. And I must say that I enjoy the comraderie between Grace and Jack's mom and me as much as the kids enjoy each other.

So it was with much regret that we watched the family begin to get ready to go. There was much begging and much cajoling: "PLEASE let them stay forever." "Could they at least spend the night?" Caught up in the moment of sadness, Michael devised the perfect plan: Pointing at our large front yard, he said to his friends' mom, "You should have your builder knock down your house and build it again over there."

I'm not sure I would want my friend's, in my front yard, but you know what? It sure would be nice to have a loved family so close. And with two best friends right in...your front yard...what better way to address the Socialization issue?

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