Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Classical Music of the Middle Ages?

I'm itching to get to some composer study, but I'm also incredibly obsessed with keeping my electives tied to our History studies. Obviously, there weren't too many Beethovens or Mozarts tromping through the lands of the Byzantine Empire or across the deserts of Muhammed's neck of the woods. So I have settled...for an armenian composer from the 700s named Stepanos Sunetsy.

Sunetsy's hits include Psalm No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3, which I downloaded from (someday I'll take the time to learn how to put an actual link on here!). Here are the kids comments:

Michael: I liked it because it sounded like pretty music.

Jacob: I thought it was sweet music and pretty music.

(I think "pretty" may have been prompted because I let them watch the swirly things on Windows Media Player as they listened.)

Alex: I felt like I was in sort of a big, dark room with that music playing. And it was really warm in the room and smelled good too. I thought it was from either India or Russia. Then I felt there were people dancing around in white clothes with little cloths wrapped around their head, and they wanted me to join them.

(As a side note, I have to say that she actually said, "...smelled good too, like wine." I omittted "wine" because I don't want to offend anyone, but then that's a funny part of her description I want to archive!)

I have a feeling I may stray from my timeline in order to get some good music in the mix, especially since I have some free gifts and two composer CDs and books in the mail. Yes, I'm one of those suckers that sends in the tear off sheet that says, "Yes! Please rush my two books for only $1.99 (+ S & H) along with my free gifts..." And, yes, I'm always excited that I get the gold sticker that allows me to claim the maximum number of gifts...even though I'm completely aware that there really aren't any silver stickers out there (and pity the poor person who would get a silver sticker!). Until we get my CDs, composer books, and all of my free gold sticker gifts, however, we'll continue studying some very obscure composers from the Middle Ages!

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