Monday, September 24, 2007

BB&T (Boys Bank & Trust)

Well, it happened. On Friday, my Baby Boy lost his first tooth. I have to face it--he's growing up. Jacob was indeed quite proud of the big gap in his mouth and eagerly anticipated the Tooth Fairy's visit. His big financial goal of the moment is to save enough to buy another Webkin, a goal which he was, on Friday, still $7 short of attaining. He was thus convinced that his loss of a tooth must be some sort of divine event and that the Tooth Fairy would leave enough for him to reach his lofty goal. I tried to explain to him before bed that most kids only get a quarter for a lost tooth, so he should not be disappointed in the morning if the Tooth Fairy did not leave $7.

Inevitably, the morning came. And as I greeted him, I asked him if the Tooth Fairy paid a visit. "Yes," he said, "but she only left me $2." I once again reminded him how lucky he was to have received $2 when most kids only get a quarter. But he was convinced that there still must be a lost dollar or two hiding somewhere in his bed or in the mess beneath his bed. When his search turned up nothing, he added his $2 to his bank and asked us to count it up to see how much more he needed to save.

This morning the boys are back to counting their money and getting some wheeling and dealing going. They actually have come up with a pretty good and generous plan: This Saturday, Jacob will give Michael his allowance so that Michael will then have enough to purchase another Webkin. Then Michael will give Jacob his allowance for the next two weeks so that Jacob will have enough within that time.

The Bible says money is the root of all evil. Not that Webkinz are evil. Or allowances. Or even counting money. Or wheeling and dealing. But this constant discourse over money: "Do I have enough yet, Mommy?" "Do we get allowance today?" (Since you just got it yesterday, what do you think the answer to that question is??)? At least they're saving for something, right?!

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