Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random Adventuring

In our years BC, Mark and I on the weekends used to get in the car and just drive. We explored much of North Georgia, Tennessee, and some of the Carolinas. We would stop at any antique stores that piqued our interest; beautiful state parks often beckoned to us; other unique and interesting attractions generally caught our eyes as well. Today we decided to do a little family adventuring.

Our first and only planned stop was to drop in on Dana and Papa to say hello. Then we decided to head to Helen. The last time we visited Helen was one spontaneous day back in May. On the way into the charming, European-style town, the kids spied a miniature-golf course. I promised them we would play next time we visited. They didn't miss a beat in reminding me of my promise, so we stopped and enjoyed a friendly mini-golf game. After the game, we started toward downtown Helen; however, the early Oktoberfest traffic had collected in the masses during the short time we were playing, so we made a U-turn and headed away in search of a different adventure.

Taking a very circuitous route back towards home, we happened upon Dahlonega and were able to scope out a perfect site for a future field trip. I had no idea that Dahlonega's big Gold Rush preceded California's. This town has a fascinating history and quite a few choices for an outstanding homeschool outing! (Now to put my US History plans on the racetrack so we can get to the 1800s sooner.)

There's nothing more enjoyable than hanging out with your family, drinking up the beauty of God's creation, and finding joy in a game or two...all in a day with no agenda whatsoever. As for our day of random adventures? Well, it finally culminated at our favorite pizza hang-out...of course!

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