Monday, September 24, 2007

The Big Log

(Alex stole authorship, which I don't mind...although I did point it out to her!)

The Big Log

Soon it will be time to go on the big boat. The rules say if a baby is not potty trained, she cannot go in the pool on the big boat.

Mommy said, "It is time to potty train the baby." So Mommy took the baby's pants off and showed her the potty.

Illustration by Michael

Mommy forgot about Baby. Mommy went to take a shower. Soon Michael yelled, "Mommy, will you come? She smells!"

Mommy said, "In a moment." Mommy did not come fast. Mommy began to dry her hair. Then Mommy stopped. Hmmm. Baby had no pants on. Uh oh!

Mommy found Baby in the boys' room. On the rug, Baby had left a big log of poop.

Illustration by Alex

Mommy had to smile. It was funny. The boys smiled. Alex smiled. Daddy smiled. It was funny. Mommy cleaned up the mess.

Illustration by Jacob

Then Mommy had class in the room with tile. The baby sat on the potty then got up and peed on the tile. Jacob said, "Baby, you must not pee on the tile. You must stay here. If you are not here, you can hold it until you get to your pot."

It was not yet lunchtime. Baby had peed on the tile six times. Mommy did not like to mop the tile. It was not funny now.

Mommy put Baby's pants back on. Mommy said maybe Baby will not swim on the big boat.

Special Sounds (Clue Words): oo (tooth), e (me), o (go), y (baby), -ed (played), ow (bowl), er (verse), th (this), sh (ship), ow (owl), sm (smile), st (stop), dr (drum) air (hair), -ed (looked), ou (out), oy (boy), cl (clock), th (thick), ay (pray), ch (church), u (push), ck (duck)

Sight Words: to, the, a, is, said, you, come, uh oh, was, here, are, your

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