Thursday, September 13, 2007


Chickens, chickens, chickens! Not that my friend doesn't have enough on her plate what with 3 kids, a fourth one almost done cookin', a huge new house to maintain, a farm to run, kids' brains to fill with amazing academics (how does she do it all?!) she was kind enough to accommodate us when we invited ourselves to her farm for a chicken field trip. The new farm owners just acquired 12 chickens, and I thought it would be a blast for the kids to observe the birds...and of course play with their two best buddies Grace and Jack. In earnest preparation for our field trip, we did a little KWL yesterday (actually, we haven't done the L yet): K meaning what you already Know about chickens, W for what you Want to learn about chickens, and tomorrow we'll get to the L which is what you Learned about chickens. You won't be surprised to know that Michael's request was to find out "what chicken poop looks like." (What is it with boys' obsession with poop anyway?!)

Michael quickly forgot his main objective when the lively birds were freed from their coop to free-range on the farm. The kids were delighted to chase them around and watch them eat their fill of bugs or whatever else they were pecking at on the ground! It's funny--I grew up with chickens but never realized they had so much personality! Shows what can happen when you actually study something like my dear friend has done. The cutest/funniest chickens were the silkies which our host explained are from Japan. They are such peculiar looking critters from the tufts of white feathers on their heads down to the ankle cuff of feathers above their toes!

Helping feed the chickens

When we were done playing with the chickens, we enjoyed playing together and gobbling up a pizza lunch. Thank you so much for a fun field trip and wonderful fellowship, Amo!

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