Monday, September 3, 2007

Go Fish

Broken Bridges on Lake Hartwell

The Bridge to Nowhere from SC on the left; the Bridge to Nowhere from GA on the right.

In preparation for our first Labor Day fishing expedition, the kids got fishing poles, which were--of course!--first tested in the pool. As soon as we got home from Wal-Mart, Michael with his Spider-Man pole, Jacob with his Cars rod, and Alex with her Barbie fishing pole headed out to the backyard. Only the Princess--with her Princess fishing pole of course--stood to the side as she was still feeling so rotten. As soon as the kids caught on to casting, their time poolside quickly turned into a competition to see who could cast the farthest up into the yard. From there, the competition took them to the playhouse to see who could cast closest to the pool from the fort.

Today the competition was officially moved to Lake Hartwell where we found a nice, peaceful picnic area right on the lake. The kids got right down to business, first exploring the lakeside while Daddy got their rods prepared and then to the business of fishing. It's difficult to explain to a child who thinks he possesses Total Fisherman Power through the rod he holds in his hands that one does not always catch fish the minute one casts his line; in fact, one can not necessarily expect to catch anything at all. Surprisingly, despite the fact that each of the children expected fish to be lining up to get a bite of their hook, they were rather patient and diligent during their task.

Unfortunately, the only fish we saw were a big, dead fish on shore and several tiny little fish feeding on the bread we sprinkled on the water. However, it was a fun family outing all the same!

My Three Boys

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