Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Takes: The Snow Edition

~ Quick Take 1 ~

Our homeschool week went a little better than last, I guess. I still lack enthusiasm and motivation. It is as if I am experiencing spring fever, which is definitely NOT the case (have you seen the weather map recently?). But things are going OK. Audrey is progressing in her reading, and the boys are plugging along in theirs. I am enjoying using my new whiteboard A LOT!

~ Quick Take 2 ~

One reason our homeschool week wasn't all that stellar is because of the crud that hit our house. Oh, and the huge blizzard too, but I'll get to that in a moment. When the older 3 get sick, it is not such a big deal; they hole up somewhere, and I meet whatever needs they have. When the Princess gets sick, however, it is a different story.

No matter what she is sick with, she throws up. She has a very strong gag reflex, so I guess that is why. This week it was just slight fever along with some mild cold symptoms. But just one cough, and up it all comes. And so it is that anytime she gets sick, I drape several layers of sheets and towels on the couch/bed where she decides to hole up.

Audrey sick

Going out, though? Forget it! If the other 3 have colds, we still venture out, but not with the Princess on account of the puking thing. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with just sticking a plastic bag in my jacket pocket to carry along to catch whatever she decides to part with, but I know that wouldn't go over very well with other moms. I would find it difficult to explain her strong gag reflex as I watch other moms clutch their children a little closer and go through that Mom Check List: Did that little girl play with my kid? Did my kid touch anything she touched? Did she sneeze on my kid? Did she come anywhere within a 10 foot radius of my kid? I better go wash my kid's hands and Lysol him down. Stat!

So, really, it's just easier to stay in and wait it all out. Even if it means we may miss a trip to the Science Museum.

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~ Quick Take 3 ~

The kids and I have prayed for years for more than a dusting of snow in Hotlanta. And we didn't dare even put in a passing request for a white Christmas because, it's the South, it could never happen. But lo and behold, in the last 3 weeks, Atlanta got both a white Christmas AND a lot of snow.

And so I will reiterate just in case my friends in Atlanta aren't getting the message: Good things happen when we leave. Like if we ever leave Connecticut? It would become a tropical paradise here, and all of the Starbucks would put in drive-thrus.

My wise husband made a keen observation that if we just contiued to move around the world, it would become a better place.

I think Italy needs a make-over. What do you think?

~ Quick Take 4 ~

We got a lot of snow this week. And I am not assessing a lot through the eyes of a former southerner. I've been told we have gotten more snow in the last couple of weeks than all of last year. Yes, that is my initiation to New England winter life.

See? I told you. We make things happen.


~ Quick Take 5 ~

Dear City of Bristol, CT:

It's 12 degrees outside. I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear I am not using the sidewalks, nor have I seen anyone else out on any of the sidewalks. They are YOUR sidewalks. If you are so insistent that they be cleared, YOU shovel them.

Thank you,
A former southerner who plans to stay inside until May


~ Quick Take 6 ~

I am in awe of the snowflake shots at Forever n Ever n Always. Even though I am aware of and completely accept the fact that I cannot emulate her, I did want to try to get a few shots of snowflakes. Needless to say, they didn't turn out that well:

snow close-up

I think I need to get out in the cold and find some actual snowflakes rather than just ice.

BUT...I did end up getting some shots I think are pretty cool. Snowflakes Ice under a magnifying glass:

snow magnifying glass2

snow magnifying glass1

~ Quick Take 7 ~

You know how, lately, the smell of dead pine needles has been emanating from my vacuum cleaner? That really is a good smell, actually. Today I spilled a tub of feta cheese on the ground. I'm fairly certain I'm not going to like the smell of feta cheese in the carpet 2 months from now.

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Natalie said...

Oh look at ALL that snow! I think that's the most I've seen ANYwhere! Thanks so much for voting for me! I really appreciate it!

Blossom said...

Your snowflake photos weren't too bad. I couldn't even get my camera to focus on them; just looked like a smudged window.
Love the kitty photo :) Looks like ours.
Hope everyone is getting better.

tsinclair said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys have there. Remind me to visit CT but not to move there. :-)

Your pictures are always great, at least compared to mine. On my (long) list, is a nicer camera and some practice/classes.

Stay warm, and hope Audrey gets better fast.

Ashley Sisk said...

Burrrr - love the photo of your cat and hope Audrey feels better too.

Carla S said...

what a neat idea to use a magnifying glass!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. We're kind of missing it this year. North Pole, AK to Savannah was a huge climate change. I don't miss it enough to ever want to move back! :) Your snowflake shots are cool!

Michelle said...

hehe - love your take 6 - I totally agree! lol!

Michelle said...

ooops! note to self: no commenting when half asleep - sorry!! I mean take 5 - about getting the sidewalks cleared!

Take 6 with the ice pics is pretty cool, too! :)