Monday, January 3, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt, Vol. X

1. Stripes
Not 10 minutes after I saw what this week's scavenger hunt items were, I looked out the window of our hotel room and saw this:

I love how the light plays with the shadows of the buildings to create stripes on the roads. Of course, there are also the stripes all the rows of windows create on the buildings.

2. Bedroom
There certainly is not a thing special about my bedroom in my rental home, so I thought I'd show you the view from our hotel bedroom window:

This was the view when we arrived with the afternoon light hitting the buildings:

And then in the morning, such a different look!

3. High Key
Times Square is definitely high key!
High Key

4. Off in the Distance
I know this one is really pushing it, but this photo has memories for my family, so here it is. See if you can see anything identifiable off in the distance. Maybe??
Off in the Distance 1

Don't see it? My kids wanted to so badly to see the Statue of Liberty, but it was just so cold, we didn't want to do the boat ride. So imagine our surprise when we walked to the far end of the Intrepid's flight deck, looked waaaay off in the distance, and could see the Statue of Liberty! The kids were the first to spot it. And in case you can't find it, this might help (it helps to squint too!):
Off in the Distance 2

5. Something Tiny
I love cute little things. I mean, like when we visit a city that has a museum of miniatures, I always campaign to visit it. Unfortunately, no one else in my family shares my fascination. So I have my own little museum of miniatures at home. OK, so it's not an entire museum. Really just 3 items:
Something Tiny 1

Mark got this itty-bitty tube of toothpaste on his Delta flight to Germany a couple of weeks ago.

Something Tiny 3

Something Tiny 2

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