Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Takes: Boring Week Edition

~ Quick Take 1 ~

I am enduring my second snowstorm since moving to the Arctic. Thankfully, this storm, unlike the blizzard of a couple weeks ago, is gently depositing the white stuff in fluffy piles rather than ramming it into the ground.

snow 1

{FRESH snow}

Household6Diva FotoFriday

snow 2

snow 3

~ Quick Take 2 ~

Quite honestly, I am a little bit disappointed in these Northerners. Based on how much we Southerners are mocked during any "snowstorm", I was under the impression that life carried on as normal up here even if Mother Nature dumped 12 feet of snow on any given city. But no. With just rumors of snow, all of our day's activities were promptly canceled: a much anticipated field trip to the science museum and basketball practices. Plus, I heard someone say schools were closed. The snow did not begin to fall until late afternoon. Northerners are overreactors just like Southerners.

~ Quick Take 3 ~

I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day and discovered they have added an entire section for toiletries. I find that odd. "Honey, will you watch the kids while I drop by Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a box of tampons?" I wonder if I can use the 20% off coupon they send me regularly on a tube of toothpaste.

~ Quick Take 4 ~

We started back to homeschool on Monday. It was not a good week. My enthusiasm is waning. Oh, who am I kidding? My enthusiasm got up and raced out the door about 2 months ago.

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~ Quick Take 5 ~

My husband brought me home something that may renew my enthusiasm. It's a hand-me-down from his company, but second hand or not, I'm tickled pink. It's a little large. Way too large for our dining room. But I don't care because I have a whiteboard!

white board

Oh, and it's still in the car. Did I mention it's oversized? It won't come in through the garage, and we have about 3 inches of snow and more steadily falling on the walkway.

I may have to teach from the car on Monday.

~ Quick Take 6 ~

The whiteboard was on my letter to Santa. I acquired the whiteboard because of this conversation:

Mark's colleague: What are you giving Kathleen for Christmas?
Mark: She wants a whiteboard.
Mark's colleague: There's an extra one. Why don't you gift that to her?

Mark's colleagues must think I'm a barrel of laughs.

~ Quick Takes 7 ~

My one goal this week was to get the laundry completely completed in one day (yeah, I aim high). I failed. Miserably.

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Ashley Sisk said...

LOL - I love how you make fun of the northerners...they like to think they've got their whole act together.

kaye said...

I love fresh snow :)

Anastasia said...

I love your Foto Friday picture, and also the fact that you have both a charcoal and gas grill. I'm a little jealous. Great photos!

Blossom said...

That's neat how you put in more than one theme in this post. And hey, I'm with you on the 'waning enthusiasm'. Thanks for leaving a comment on my post for the Weekly Wrap-Up; it's always nice to have people come over for a visit :)
Hope your weekend isn't a totally white one! ;)

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

I love it! The spare whiteboard especially.

And I NEVER get the laundry completed in one day. Rarely even in one WEEK. (Yes, I am pathettic. I dress my kids out of the hallway regularly. :/ )

Kim said...

I love the snow pics, especially the nighttime one. Everything looks like it is "on pause". You can see every little snow speck.

lucythevaliant said...

I'm pretty sure that EVERYone panics about snow. And everyone makes fun of Southerners, alas! I love your snow pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Love this!

L. said...

I love your snow photos, especially how you managed to capture it falling! So pretty!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

The snow pictures are so pretty. We dearly miss snow.

I grew up in the North (Michigan), and we rarely got snow days. Even in college, it was very rare for us to get a snow day.

I guess it depends on where in the North you are located. Then again, I don't really consider Connecticut the North. ;)

We laughed when we moved to the south and schools really did close with the possibility of ice/snow. We thought it was a joke until it actually happened.

Have a good weekend!

tsinclair said...

Love the snow pics, AND your whiteboard. We don't really use our school/game room for school anymore, but when we did I used my whiteboard ALL the time.

Yeah, I am having trouble with my enthusiasm as well. Hoping it is just the winter wilts and not anything permanent.

Enjoy the snow for a couple of days, then worry about school. :-)

Kristy said...

You are so funny! I must visit B,B&B to see this for myself!

Anne U said...

I really like that 3rd snow shot, so cool. Thanks for the comment.

Deb said...

I enjoyed reading your post and the snow photos are beautiful! I'm a southerner who's definitely guilty of way overreacting in the excitement area on the rare occasion of a snowfall!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Can you believe we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow and Monday? Crazy!

Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!

Bunch of Barrons said...

The thing about northerners made me laugh. They are ALWAYS making fun of us! Maybe they aren't as snow-tough as they act? haha.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

I laughed about you and your white board. For Christmas, one of the things I asked for (and got) were some books in the Uncle Eric "Ancient Rome: How it Affects You Today." ;)

Jenny said...

I can relate to #2 - as an Arkansan. It started snowing tonight and already EVERYTHING is cancelled for tomorrow. Have fun with your new white board, ha! :)