Monday, January 17, 2011

Good to Wow: Good Morning Edition, SOOC

I don't like coffee. When I was a teacher, I tried my very best to acquire the bitter taste of coffee. I did it because the other teachers seemed to find so much purpose and calm in their daily routine which took them to the cafeteria to fill up their coffee mugs. Of course they always complained about the cafetera coffee, but yet they returned day after day. Despite my attempts at coffee acquisition, I still find the taste repugnant. The smell is delicious, though; it's just one of those strange enigmas of life.

What I do love first thing in the morning is a cup of delicious, aromatic hot tea. In fact, I have become quite a tea snob. My husband spoiled me with a beautiful cast iron tea pot from Teavana for Christmas.

SOOC Morning Teapot

My new dragonfly tea pot has a mesh infuser insert, and that is where the magic happens. Along with my tea pot, my husband presented me with a fragrant tea blend: Apple Lemon Pomegranate Rooibos. DELICIOUS!

SOOC Morning Tea

Since then, I have made a couple of trips to the local Teavana to begin my collected assortment. All of my choices so far have been refreshing and soothing.

Besides collecting actual tea, I have quite a collection of mugs. I typically pick up a mug when I am traveling somewhere new. One of my favorites is one I picked up on one of our Disney trips. I love it because I'm a little bit of a Disney freak, and I have so many great memories of our times there. (Already counting the days 'til Disney 2011!!)

SOOC Morning Mug

Besides mugs, I have an eclectic collection of tea cups and porcelain tea pots. Unfortunately, most of those are still packed away. I did leave out two cups, however, because my mother-in-law prefers tea cups over mugs when she visits.

SOOC Morning Tea Cups

If you aren't a tea drinker, why not give it a try? Tazo is a delicious brand of tea bags you can pick up at any grocery store. (It also happens to be Starbucks' brand!) Tea is not only enjoyable to drink, but it is very good for you too!


dclouser said...

This post is so charming! Love the photos. You and Elizabeth have something big in common here with those Teavana teas. I'm a coffee drinker, but also love teas, especially the ones from Teavana. I've been drinking quite a bit of tea this cold season actually.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

i'm not a coffee drinker either. we drink a tea that is like coffee here that is delicious and very healthy (alkaline too!).

lovely shots!


Lexi said...

beautiful shots! love every one of these.

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful photos!! Oh that second shot looks so lovely with all the soft colors and textures. :) I enjoy both coffee (with a good bit of cream!) and tea. Glad to hear that you recommend Tazo. We're using that this weekend as favors for a baby shower tea party some friends & I are hosting.

Mitzi said...

A friend helped me "discover" tea a few years ago. I invested in a pot (not as fancy as yours, smile). I do love all of the wonderful flavors I have discovered. You make me want to make a cup now!

Ginger said...

I love coffee and tea! My daughter is the real tea aficionado around here, however, and would very much enjoy this post.

Kimberly said...

Great SOOC shots! Can't wait to see how you edit them.

I grew up in a family of tea drinkers. It was a rarity to have a pot of coffee brewing in our house ... usually only when company was over. I'm not very adventurous in my tea drinking though. I really must try different flavors.

Stephanie said...

I too love tea cups, although sadly, I'm a coffee girl. I can't wait to see your edits on Thursday! :)


Ashley Sisk said...

I love tea too - well, chai. It is very calming. I love these shots too - especially the one with the one Disney cup! Very cute.

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

What a lovely teapot! I myself, am a coffee drinker, although, I will admit that I jazz it up a lot because I don't like it black. I can't wait to see your edit later in the week. Happy Monday!

Our Beaten Path said...

I must say, I am a fan of both coffee and hot tea. I do understand your love for it though.
Great pictures! I love the one of your mugs all white and the colorful Mickey one standing out.

Sheri said...

I do coffee and tea. Love 'em both. That goofy cup with the white cups is fabulous!

tsinclair said...

I drink coffee on occasion, though true coffee drinkers would probably ban me as I tend to drown it in sweeteners and creams. :-)

I probably drink tea more often, however I am pretty plain there too. I have never acquired a taste for flavored teas, just give me the plain old Lipton and I am good.

However, your pictures are charming enough that if I were there, I would have to try some. :-)

Brittany said...

I love all of your photos! I can't wait to see them edited!

Lorraine said...

Love the photos, circles everyone, very clever Kathleen. wonderful, artistic eye!
I too love teacups, although mine are filled with coffee, flavored with a delicous creamer and sweetener.
I have a couple of teacups and saucers that were wedding gifts to my grandparents nearly 80 years ago. Neither were expensive I'm sure, but priceless as they trigger memories of days long gone, sitting sipping cocoa while my gramma and grandpa enjoyed their afternoon tea and treat. special moments in time of ones that filled my heart with their love.
Very well done Kathleen!

Courtney said...

Ok, so before I go make myself a hot cup of tea.... ;)

Your teapot is beautiful! We just had a Teavana open up here in our mall and I can't help but go in there every single time we walk by it. i have yet to make a purchase, though. I've also gotten in the habit of buying a new mug on our trips. Something fun about drinking from it when you get back home.

Seriously, off to make some tea!

Together We Save said...

I love both coffee and tea!! I love that pot!!

Michelle said...

I'm like you - love the smell of coffee - can't stand the taste!

I'm not huge on tea either - but I do love iced tea!! :)

Anonymous said...

found this tea shop in downtown lawrenceville several months ago. the owner is such a nice person. i don't drink that much tea but i stop by every few months just b/c I really hope her business makes it.


CrossView said...

I enjoy a nice cup of tea. But I NEED coffee. Which makes me worry about you. ;O)