Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Unplanned Summons

We were at Wal-Mart today, and I spied a display of calendars and planners. I quickly selected a wall calendar and then began thumbing through the planners. Their covers were so delightful, the whimsical patterns and crisp colors soothing in a way. And as I turned the light pages, there they were--the empty squares, squares that needed to be planned and then filled in.
Alex stood beside me, flipping through the planners as well. "Mom, can I get a planner?" she asked.

"Why do you need a planner?"

"To plan things." (duh!)

"What kind of things will you plan?"

"I don't know. Things."

A girl after my own heart.

We purchased no planners, but I quickly had my calendar hanging gracefully on the wall beside my desk, its hungry squares inviting me to fill them up with plans, appointments, special dates. I marked our first school day in ink without hesitation and then found the date a week later. Unfortunately, I was only able to pencil in my first day of Writing Workshop at Bright Futures Academy.

It's not that I'm unsure of the date. It's just that when we checked the mail today, there it was. An official postcard stamped with a waving American flag across the front, encouraging--no, demanding--I perform my civic duty. A Jury Summons. For August 10. The day before I'm expected in my classroom downtown.

This day in court? It was neither inked nor penciled in, so how can it be happening? I'm crossing my fingers that the powers that be will excuse me on account of the fact that I'm responsible for 4 human beings whom the same powers that be have deemed too young to be at home alone all day. That and the fact that the official postcard with the American flag specifically says in big, red letters, "Do not bring children."

Already I'm rehearsing my phone call to the county seat on Monday. Do I lead with "I homeschool my kids...." Probably not. I have this irrational fear that if I mention the H word, DFCS will have a school bus waiting to take my children off to public school on August 10. I say irrational only because my husband says it's irrational. In my mind, I know it's a completely legitimate concern.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what God is teaching me through this. I'm pretty sure I already laid plans and all.


Anne said...

I do love me a good planner! And I am a sucker for the blank colorful paper of any planner, notecard or notepad. I think I have a paper fetish.

Anyway, I saw your note on FB and hope that your much-rehearsed call on Monday morning goes well. Keep us posted!

CrossView said...

I sent an e-mail when I got my summons. It was a few years back when my girls weren't old enough to stay home alone. I got a very nice reply excusing me, which I kept - just in case! I did say it was because I homeschooled and had no one to watch them.

Planners - we love those. And notebooks. And pens. And any and all school and office supplies. LOL!

Courtney said...

I'm sure it will go fine-I got one a few years ago and I was excused for having small children. I know I'm in a different state, but I remember it being not a big deal at all.

Arby said...

Planners? Are we supposed to use planners? What are they and how do they work?

You might try calling the county and assuring them that you support the death penalty for all crimes, including jaywalking, because you're certain the SOB deserves it. That might get an excused absence.