Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm on a three-month hike...

...up the Appalachian Trail. Are you impressed or what?

OK, coming clean. Obviously, I didn't just up and leave my husband and my 4 children for three months to climb mountains. Oh to have freedom like that. No, this is a virtual hike. Ain't technology grand? One of my friends rounded up a "team" of hikers together to do this thing in 3 months.

I've done a similar virtual hike before, but not with a "team" [of hikers]. The "team" adds just that ingredient I need to keep me going: competition. I will go to great lengths of achievement if there is competition involved. (And here's a little "Let's see whatcha got, Debbi" (my dear sister-in-law who's part of the "team").)

Problem is I haven't gotten a tremendous start. And, yes, I will attempt here to blame it on my pedometer. It's 8:28pm, and I have so far only logged 6482 steps. So here's my question. I walked at least a mile on the treadmill. I think there are 5280 feet in a mile, correct? I only advanced about 1500 steps after my trek on the treadmill. Am I stepping too large or what? Or is my reasoning just completely off? Anyone? (And, yes, don't worry...I will be sourcing my children OUT for upper level mathematics.)

Speaking of my children, they have taken great pleasure in making fun of me I walked laps around the edge of the pool, as I walked in place during dinner. Anyway, I do what I have to, and I look forward to logging what steps I can conjure up later on tonight and comparing my walking day to that of my "team"mates. Hopefully, they all had a lazy day.

If you need me, I'm putting the kids to bed so I can enjoy the rest of my evening walk aimlessly around trying to rack up steps.


dclouser said...

You're lucky enough to be thin and only be in this for the competition. Some of us actually NEED to walk off our calories!I thought it would be hard to do this here, but au contraire I'm walking everywhere because I have no transportation. Also with sitting for 7 hours a day, walking feels wonderful. Every day won't be like yesterday, however. Today I have lots of schoolwork!

CrossView said...

I wonder if my 19-yr old is secretly doing this? She keeps going out with her iPod for hour long walks. She's left a path in the grass.

So do you use one of those pedometer thingies to track it?

I applaud you for doing this. No amount of competing would get me to do it. But I'd be glad to sit and watch you (and laugh)....
And it may even help with volleyball??!!

Kathleen said...

Yes, Crossview, one of those pedometer thingys. :)

What joy it would be to have YOU laughing at me along with the children!

I do hope that volleyball on Sunday will give me lots of steps!