Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bring Your Kid to Work Day

I was enjoying a Girls' Night Out some months ago, and we were all catching up by discussing our husband's jobs. After one of my friends finished explaining what her husband does, she pondered, "But what man likes his job anyway?" I said, "My husband loves his job!" I was met with some questioning looks.

It's true, though. He really does love his job. While he dislikes being away from his family, he does love to travel, so the traveling doesn't bother him. And when he's not traveling, he works upstairs, so he's right here with us. His job also affords him the flexibility to, if he has to be home to help with doctor's appointments or be involved in something with the kids, it's not a problem.

We are so thankful for Mark's job, and we totally get how blessed we are. However, his job does present us with a few concerns as we teach the kids. We've often wondered what, specifically, the kids' perception of a "job" is, a "real" job. I mean, they've never experienced life with a daddy who leaves before they've awoken and doesn't get home until they are in their PJs again. We talk about the variety of jobs and schedules that are out there on the workforce, but we wonder exactly what their expectations are for their future careers. It's a delicate balance teaching them respect for what Daddy does and at the same time teaching them that a job doesn't always entail airplanes, hotels, and hanging out around the house.

Recently, the boys have shown more and more interest in what their daddy does. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, one of them asked why Daddy had never had a "bring your kid to work day." What the kids don't realize is that, if Daddy's home, they are at work with Daddy. And all of those trips we take? I guess while we're at the museum or mall, they don't realize that Daddy is at work. Anyway, Mark wanted to allow the boys to participate in an Official Bring Your Kid to Work Day, so he arranged it with one of his customers.

When they got there, the company owner gave them a quick office/warehouse tour and even explained to them how air purifiers work. Then, lucky for them, they got to take part in a company barbecue.

The boys had a great time. In retrospect, though, and in looking at this picture, I suppose one thing we could teach the children about "real" jobs is proper attire and that flip flops are definitely not part of proper attire. Oh well, we'll get to that lesson next time.


CrossView said...

How sweet that your husband worked it out to take the kids!

Honestly, I can't imagine what it would be like to have my husband gone for 12 hours a day on a regular basis. I don't think I'd like that. I guess I've never been around "typical" working men in my whole life.

Though I'm not sure I could handle 4 kids like you do when your husband is traveling. I'm pretty sure I'd like my husband to be able to work out of the house the other times.

Both my girls have gone with Guy to his job and gotten lessons on what's happening. So much so that they often explain it to me. Our baby boy knows what it's about since he works for my husband. LOL!

Mitzi said...

My kids don't know what a typical work day is either. My hubby has his own painting/wallpaper business. Some days, he has small jobs he finishes at noon. So, then he is home for the rest of the day. Other days, he is off at 2 or 3, still early. Rarely, does he work until 5 at night. We live a different life than most.

Arby said...

All I can say is that I take my kids to work with me every single day. Now if I can only teach them how to brew a pot of coffee...