Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life from the Shoe, Day 2

9:23 PM
Down to just the five of us tonight. I'm happy my sweet little guests are not sad tonight! I will be picking them up in the morning to spend another day with them. They are sweet, little girls, and I've enjoyed having them here, but, people, I'm worn out! I also really enjoyed my evening with just the kids and me. Like I said, my little guests are sweethearts, but whenever I have guests--whether they're family or friends--when they leave, I realize how perfectly my four children fit into my family. I love my kids.

4:04 PM
I may make a midnight run to Target tonight. Or at least an 8:00 run. The girls are going to spend the night at their house tonight because they miss their daddy. They may or may not come play tomorrow depending on whether or not their daddy decides to take the day off of work tomorrow. Anyway, we had a little rescue--I saved both our little guests in the pool. The kids thought it was pretty funny that I was in the pool with my clothes on. Oh, and why the run to Target? Well, turns out my pedometer isn't waterproof. I'm not ready to give up my trek down the Appalachian Trail yet.

10:35 AM
I'm pretty sure our iron hasn't seen this much action in its entire, miserable life. The children are still in their PJs because they have been steadily cranking out their beaded animal creations for me to fuse with the iron. Good thing there are over 8000 plastic bead thingys in the bucket.

And somehow I got stuck making everyone a friendship bracelet. I'll tell you a secret, though--I really don't mind. I am, in fact, rather enjoying it. I haven't made one since Jr. High, and in those days, it seems that's all we did...for a short time anyway. I remember we'd even sneak them into the classroom, pin them to our parachute pants and work on them until they would get confiscated for the day. I still have an old friendship bracelet from an old friend.

My two little guests are doing OK, though a little weepy at times, especially at those times in which they are speaking with their father on the telephone. (Note to self: Stop letting them talk to him.) But how is one to resist a little girl in blonde curls with puppy dog eyes of the bluest blues asking sweetly and politely, "Do you think I could please call my daddy?"

7:41 AM
No sign yet of anyone save my eldest son, but he's always up at the crack of dawn anyway. Plus, he was soundly snoozing last night at the very time I was trying to comfort Alex was successfully comforting two sad little girls. Hopefully today will be a fun one for everyone.


Arby said...

If only there was a live video feed...

Courtney said...

At least you survived the first day- I'm sure it will be all downhill from here on out. :)

CrossView said...

First night is the hardest... I like watching them become tired little zombies as the days progress. First night when things are back to normal, everyone sleeps so well! LOL!

CrossView said...

So you're having big fun, eh? ROFL! Sounds like you may be worn out before they are. You may already be to that point....