Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life from the Shoe, Day 3

10:33 PM
Not sure why I'm so worn out. I only put in 980 steps. How pathetic is that? My daily goal is over 6000, and I usually do above that. Must have been that nap. Or maybe it's this pitiful little pedometer. I replaced my drowned pedometer with a cheap, imitation version. Maybe it's not working right. I had high hopes for my injured pedometer because it was trying with all its might to shine its little numbers through the streaks of water; however, tonight those numbers faded away to nothing. So 980 it is. I'm ashamed.

9:45 PM
Ahhh...the sound of...nothing.

5:21 PM
OK, I'll admit it, I'm ready to lace up my shoe and close it down for awhile. Ready to get back to just 4. Four used to seem like a lot. And to some 6 is nothing. It's all relative. I'm about to round up some leftovers for my 4. My guests are doing dinner with their daddy. Last night's taco dinner actually came together quite nicely. And right on time. Of course, that could be due to the fact that my daughter was hanging over me the whole time reporting on the time. I made the mistake of telling her I intended to serve dinner at 6:00 sharp. And she's inherited the obnoxious punctuality gene that runs in this family. I can call it obnoxious because, even though it's not in my gene pool, it runs strongly through my veins.

Well, I'm being called to iron some more. Yes, if I didn't hate my iron before, I really hate it now. However, I will admit that this bucket of 8 thousand 5 hundred fusion beads was the best 10 bucks I ever spent. Otherwise, I'm not sure what would have kept these children occupied for 3 days.

3:36 PM
I have not been a very faithful live blogger today. Probably on account of the nap I just stole. Thanks be to the Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. And the fact that my student conference was very short. I had blocked out an hour for it, but who was I kidding? I guess I've forgotten what high school students are like. This particular high school student, I'm sure, was only re-doing his paper--and thus conferencing with me--because his mom said he had to.

Anyway, about all of these children. The bribe reward worked. My upstairs is clean. Now if they can just all sit quietly in a chair and read a book for the rest of the day. Right. And I am an old lady living in a shoe.

11:44 AM
Ahhhh....exhaling. It's been non-stop since we got into the car at 8:30 and headed out to meet and pick up the girls. Wait, let me back up. It's been non-stop since I made a general announcement before we got into the car: "Everyone needs to make sure he or she has gone potty before we leave." Apparently, I made the announcement to the air because we hadn't gotten far when Michael made his own announcement. Luckily, he was the only one who had shoes on and who was not still in his PJs. I was able to leave the other kids in the Publix parking lot with my guest's daddy while I took Michael in to do his business.

Then it was a rush home to get some bread made so I would have something to feed everyone for lunch and in a timely manner so that lunch would be done in time for me to take the call I am expecting from a student who needs help with a paper. And at this very moment I hear the house falling apart around me, bit by bit. First there was the blood-curdling scream from none other than my youngest son...more of a pretend, attention-getting scream upon spying my eldest son dressed head to toe in his skeleton costume. Another attention-getting ploy. Seems as if there's a lot of boy-seeking-girls'-attention stuff going on around here.

Now there is just a general sense of some serious mayhem going on in the house. I'm saving the movie for my phone call with my student, and that moment can't come soon enough. In the meantime, I am about to offer a cold, creamy bribe reward for dessert for any children who will go upstairs and clean up the Chaos from the last 3 days. You know, because the mess drives me insane we may have a house showing this weekend, who knows?


CrossView said...

I'm impressed that you're still hanging in there! ;o)

And making bread? Wow! I'd be grabbing a loaf at the store....

Tisha S said...

It's great to go on vacation...and to visit friends and relatives, BUT...
There's no place like home and no one like your immediate family.

Now to settle back into a routine :-)

CrossView said...

Just a reminder - you can be more tired mentally from a few days with many kids. Somehow, physical exhaustion is less tiring.... ;o)