Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, that's one way to get it done

Starting VBS 12 hours after returning from an almost week-long trip and 7 hours in the car didn't help. But, then, neither did the acquisition of a cat who kept us up her entire first night with us. And, of course, the million, kazillion daily chores that still must get done don't help either. Without pin-pointing the exact cause, the thing is I'm still not even unpacked yet from the trip. And I always unpack within the first couple of hours of returning home.

This afternoon after VBS was going to be a leisurely afternoon of going grocery shopping (although with 4 kids, that is NEVER leisurely) and then beginning the unpacking before heading to a friend's neighborhood pool for an Over the Hill birthday party for another friend (got that?).

But...turns out that our friend's neighborhood pool is closed until tomorrow.

So...the party has moved to here!

Which leisurely (or not so leisurely as the case may be) trip to the grocery store, which means either fast food or Dig-Through-the-Fridge-and-Pantry for your lunch after VBS tomorrow.

And...a speedy unpacking and clean up of this mess I call my home. At least I'm not trying to get ready to show the house in a couple of hours.

Although...potential buyers are most certainly welcome!


CrossView said...

I think you deserve a medal IF you survive! LOL!

Courtney said...

OH! I need some caffeine just reading about how exhausting your week is!
I hope things slow down for you next week.

Marianna said...

A cat? Wow! You do know how to take it all on! Hope this week has smoothed out for you!