Friday, June 19, 2009

Clean Underwear

Camp is next week, and I'll be losing two of my babies, one of them for the first time. As the resident Camp Expert, Alex has captured Michael's attention and helped build his anticipation with tales of ziplines, water slides, camp pranks, any-time-of-day snacks, and late nights.

The other day at lunch, she recounted a tale the camp speaker told last year about his first experience at camp when he was in third grade. Apparently, like any other well-intentioned mother, this man's mother sent him to his first camp with enough clean underwear for each day he was gone (maybe, if she is like me, even a couple of extra pair). He told of his return home and of his mother's dismay when she discovered he had brought home all of his underwear...clean (and, no, like any normal third grader--or person, for that matter--he did not spend his camp days doing laundry).

The boys found this story hysterical, if only for the mere fact that it contained the word "underwear" therein. And I could see past Michael's sparkly eyes right into his thoughts which were processing a few thousand a moment. "Michael," I said, "you very well may not shower while you're at camp," (I can only assume that the majority of the smelly campers who returned to our church last year did not shower) "but please, please at least change your underwear every day."

He just grinned at me. And since that lunchtime tale, I've heard much whispered discussion about the Underwear Story. I'm crossing my laundry detergent-stained fingers that the boy will commit some crime of hygiene against his normal predilection and actually change his britches a couple of times.


CrossView said...

ROFL! What is it about boys that makes it seem so cool to get away with disgusting things??!! Is it just because it's the only time they can? Hope they both have a wonderful time and hope you survive!

Arby said...

I am shocked at how many boys will spend a week at camp and never brush their teeth. Yikes! And then they want to kiss their mothers. Blech! I'll trade dirty drawers for clean teeth.

Marianna said...

Forget camp, at home I have to constantly remind my boy to do basic hygiene. Every time I remind him that he is supposed to brush his teeth at least twice a day he looks at me in surprise. My boy would definitely come home from camp with clean underwear, having only bathed in a pool, lake, or stream and with a dry toothbrush!

Tisha S said...

My son says that camp means a little "free time" from having to follow orders...brush your teeth, take a shower, clean your room,

Where are yours going to camp at?

Anne said...

when I was at camp as a kid, I remember the counselor taking me aside and letting me know that I REALLY NEEDED to get a shower in. I was somewhat of a tomboy, but my goodness! makes me realize just how clueless kiddos can be. Have the power washer ready when they return from camp.