Friday, June 5, 2009

A Week's Worth of Numbers

Crossview commented on a previous post that I deserved a medal. Although the merits of any type of award are certainly debatable, I'm here to collect. I made it through...

--5 days of enthusiastic, energetic, screaming children...and witnessed 8 of them give their hearts to Jesus,

--3 hours in the car to pick up a free cat from a Craigs List poster...and, because it was close by, had the opportunity to visit Bread Beckers, which is the place from which I purchase my wheat,

--1 sleepless night with a new kitty pacing around the room...and realized that she is actually a very easy-going cat...when she's sleeping elsewhere,

--5 nights preceded by a vow to be in bed before midnight...and right now am "fiddling"--as my better half calls it--right into another late night...but I get to sleep in tomorrow,

--30+ unexpected guests at my house Wednesday night for a party that was supposed to be Not Here...and had a wonderful time catching up with old friends,

--5 mornings of alarm clock awakenings, followed by an ever-increasing number of hits on the snooze...and gained a better appreciation for people who hold real jobs or wake up every morning to take their children to real school.

A lot of hard work this week but a rewarding one. And about that waking up every morning? Well, with a resident princess, the implications are that somewhere there lurks a queen. Um, that would be me. And this queen doesn't do mornings. Thank goodness my mornings that begin with the incessant beep of an alarm clock are few and far between.


CrossView said...

Wow! Just wow!

Sounds like a great weeek - after you've survived it, of course! ;o)

I always loved VBS. I've taken a few years off and now I can say I miss it!

And you now have a cat??!!

And the biggest WOW to knowing there are 8 more kids in God's hands!

Annie H. said...

You are one in a million! :-)

Arby said...

You're a better mom than I am!

Khakismum said...

Ahhhhh, the 'typical' life of a typical homeschoolom! LOL Glad you had a good week.

Congrats on the cat - they really are MUCH easier than dogs.

I too thank God for the ability to work *with* my body's natural clock rather than against and arise when I am rested not at the draconian buzz of an alarm clock! (only on certain scheduled days do I succumb to it.)

Ahhhh unexpected guests/parties are the best. You find out who your *real* friends are if they come by and you forgot to clean the guest toilet. ;-)

Keep up the good work!