Saturday, June 13, 2009

If [they] only had a brain...

I hope this is a phase. Someone please tell me this is a phase. My boys have officially lost their brains, and their loss of brain matter is causing me loss of patience. Two days in a row they have exhibited incredible lack of common sense.

Yesterday I found them sprinkling sand from the crabs' terrarium around the house because they were fascinated by how it sifted through the hole at the top of a pen cap. (And keep in mind that we have a house showing tomorrow, so I'm trying to get the housed cleaned up.) We had the following exchange, although my voice may not have been quiiite as calm and soft-spoken as I sound in type:

Me: When we had sand in the playground pit, what did we make you do before you came back in the house?

The Boys: Wash the sand off of our feet and legs.

Me: Why?

The Boys: Because you didn't want sand in the house.

Me: Giving them The Look.

Then today...we've been trying to cut down on the tattling, but we're glad Alex decided to let us in the boys' current escapades. Seems they had so enjoyed converting the outside playground slide yesterday into a water slide using the hose that they decided to recreate that inside. The boys' bunk bed has a slide attached to the ladder, and they were pouring cups of water down the slide for the re-creation.

I would share the exchange word-for-word, but we were speechless. I mean, what do you say? I think I came up with, "Do you EVER see Mommy and Daddy spraying the hose on the carpet???" (The anwer was "No.")

All this time I've been worried about teaching the kids their times tables, World History, and how to use commas properly when the class in which I need to enroll these boys is Common Sense 101.


dclouser said...

Sounds like you have your hands full! I've read that two boys close in age is the most difficult birth order to manage. At least they're cute, right?

CrossView said...

Ohmy! ROFL!
I'm so sorry for laughing!
But that is so.... male!'
And they were being inquisitive and well, thinking. Come on, the bunk bed slide was ingenious!
Ok, so they just needed one more thought in the process. *ahem*

They WILL outgrow this. You WILL look back one day and laugh.

Back in Beaufort, the kids were trying to hose Guy. He waited till they came in the kitchen and then he squirted them through the kitchen window. Yes, Guy! IN the house. I was torn between laughter and plotting his torture - while we mopped it all up.
Ok, so maybe they won't outgrow it....

Arby said...

I am quite certain that on some days you guys think I'm writing fiction when I tell stories like the one you've shared here. The only thing I can say is, "Welcome to my life!" The indoor water slide was brilliant! My daughter is just as much a culprit as my boys are, and thank God for it!. Will they outgrow it? Not really. Not until their late teens or early twenties. And as Crossview so ably demonstrated, many of us never really grow out of it. That's why America's Funniest Home Videos has made so much money off of guys with garage roofs, trampolines, and swimming pools. So, strap yourself in for the ride o' terror, and hang on tightly.

Annie H. said...

how bout we say it was "curiosity," "creativity," and "ingenuity," instead of lack of common sense? :-)

Kathleen said...

Thanks, everyone. You've all made me feel better. Or worse. Or something.

Tisha S said...

See, I do not have the sweet, calm girls. Just the two boys here (about 1 1/2 yr apart), so I can relate to this. Everytime I think we have outgrown those kind of moments, my boys prove me wrong. :-)