Thursday, June 25, 2009

Head Count

Do you remember that feeling on 9/11, that urge to gather all of your loved ones under your wing and kind of do a head count? It's almost the end of the week, and that's what I'm feeling. TravelDaddy just landed and will be home as soon as traffic allows, and I'm ready to go pick up my two campers tomorrow and bring them home to join the family.

Not that we haven't had a good week this week. I've really enjoyed my time with my littlest ones, and I think Jacob especially has particularly enjoyed his position as Man of the House. Today we did Chick-fil-A and then hit the mall for the much anticipated mini-golf game under the ultraviolet lights. Jacob and Audrey carefully and excitedly selected today's wardrobe last night, ensuring that much of their outfits were white so they would glow in the golf room. They weren't disappointed. They glowed like little golfing aliens, and I even treated them to glow necklaces to complete their ensembles.

I'm mourning the death of my little camera that fit so well in my purse. I had to have a picture of my glowing children, though, so my phone had to do. I can tell, even in this blurry, dark photo, that I would have loved to better see the expression on Audrey's face. Check out her pose:

They had a fabulous time golfing and completed all 36 holes. Audrey used her club as a metal broom and swept each ball into the hole with record above-par sweeps. And Jacob fared quite well, even winning a hole-in-one on one of the glowing greens. Throughout the course, Audrey insisted on confirming with me that we would, at some point, return to this golf course, so apparently she really enjoyed it.

I know Michael and Alex will experience just a tinge of jealousy when they hear about our golfing adventure, but then again, they will have many tales of their own with which to regale us. It will be good to have them home, and I'll take them, clean underwear or not.


CrossView said...

Soon all your ducklings will be in a row! I know it's good that you had some special time with the littlest ones but it's always so nice to have everyone back home TOGETHER!

Courtney said...

I'm sure it will be a week of fond memories for the little ones. That mini golf place looks really fun!

Anne said...

COOL mini golf outing! never seen one like that before.

I know you will be happy to have everyone back together again. :)

Arby said...

Your husband leaves you with two children at home and returns to find two space aliens. This is going to take a lot of explaining...