Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tales from the Flat Side

I PROMISE. I am NOT going to write about flour everyday for the rest of the my life. I'm like a little kid--I will tire of my new toy. (I am not to tire completely, though, because I promised my husband that if I made this investment in our health, I would not give it up after a few tries.) So just this one last post for awhile about my wheat berries and mill and flour...

I purposely put Tacos on the menu this week because I wanted to try my hand at making my own tortillas. As I mentioned to a curious Facebook friend, I don't belong in the little tortilla-making room at On the Border...yet. This is my first try, though; I may get there. Before I explain what I did wrong today, let me start at the beginning.

On Tuesday I decided I wanted a tortilla press. This is America, right? Any store should carry a simple gadget like a tortilla press. Experience has taught me, though, that while dragging along 4 little people, it is wisest to call ahead. I called ahead to I don't know how many places. Some had discontinued them. Others didn't have them at all. Finally, a kind Bed, Bath, and Beyond guy checked all inventory in all stores in the Greater Atlanta area and found one location that had 38 of them to get rid of before discontinuing the product. I did have to travel a ways, but I finally got my hands on a tortilla press.

And that brings us to today. I did not add enough water, I think, to my dough. And I divided the dough up too much, making each tortilla a mini-tortilla. And my press that I drove across the world to obtain did not do a good job pressing. So it was an interesting dinner. Some of the tortillas I rolled out after pressing them so that they were rollable with the fillings. Others just weren't, so I presented the idea of Taco Sandwiches. And they bought it; the kids LOVED them! Alex said, "These are the best tortillas ever! They're way better than the kind you buy!" Yes, Alex is a people pleaser and will often say things just to be nice. But when it comes to food? She is so picky that she always has an honest opinion. So that was a true compliment.

I will keep my promise and not report on how the tortilla-making goes tomorrow when I serve leftovers. IF I were to blog it, however, I'm hoping my title would be Tales from the FlatTER Side.


Darcsea said...

As many ethnic stores as we have here I would have tried there first for a press. My mother is hispanic and she just would pat them out, but we loved them as children. Flour ones were the best, but I love the corn ones just as much. Will you be taking orders for the loaves?

Kathleen said...

It didn't escape me that I actually found the press in a BB&B in the more hispanic part of town. ;-)

Not going into bread baking business at the time...just trying to keep my family fed--there are too many mouths!!

CrossView said...

LOL! I love it! I'll give you credit for actually doing it... I'm still in the "Meh, maybe one day"- department. You should come over here and preactice. I'm a really good taste tester. ;o)