Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun with a T

I'll admit it, although I don't think I have to: Sometimes I'm a little starved for adult interaction! Homeschooling means I'm with my little people 24/7, and a traveling husband means that my little people are often my only company. Though certainly not a replacement for real interaction with grown-ups, the Blog World has satisfied some of my need to interact with people who remember when Reagan was president. I've met some wonderful people in Blog World. One of those people is Annie at Having a Ball. She is funny, sweet, kind, compassionate. And competitive. She kinda has to be...her husband coaches basketball. But I like a good competition, so I was game when she threw down the challenge of playing with the alphabet. I was game, that is, until she sent me my letter: T. I was hoping for A, you know, because there's Audrey and Alex, and Animals, and All Around more things I like in life that begin with the letter A. So I've been pondering this one for awhile and finally come up with it:

The Trinity - First and foremost, I am thankful for The Trinity, for The Three-in-one because without The Trinity, there would be none of the things that complete this list. God created it all; Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice so I could be covered with grace; and the Holy Spirit is my daily guide through the awesome times, the terrible times, and all those moments in between.

Teaching - Teaching and all things school is my passion. I loved being in school. I would continue in school if I had the time, and I now live out my school life vicariously through my children as I teach them.

my Three gentlemen - How boring and mundane (and quiet!) life would be without my two boys! And without my man, I couldn't claim to be the luckiest woman in the world. (And let this be a lesson to me to take more pictures of my knight in shining armor!)
my Two princesses - Complete opposites, my two girls bring deep conversations on the one hand and lots of frills and sparkles on the other hand. I love 'em!

Tiny Toes and TipToes - I'm beginning to miss those Tiny Toes, although the Princess is so petite, hers still qualify as Tiny. Don't you just love the little foot dimples? And both my girls often walk on their TipToes. In fact, when Alex was about 4, the doc told me to get her to stop or she may require surgery on her Achilles later on in life. Turned out to be a habit that was impossible to break without nagging her every second of the day. So I just left it, and she doesn't do it as often now.

Tea - I love tea. I like it iced...or as we southerners say, "Sweet tea" (add at least 2 extra syllables in that). I also love hot tea. I drink hot green tea daily because I like it and because it's so healthy.

Triple chocolate cake - You knew I'd throw in chocolate somewhere, didn't you? A three-layer cake with ganache filling and chocolate fudge frosting? I'm sure in Heaven, this will stand in for a regular dinner entree.

Thunderstorms in Africa - I used to sit on our screened in porch in Africa and just soak up an African thunderstorm with all my senses. It's an awesome sight to see a storm roll in, to see the ominous clouds get closer and closer until the whole sky is one, gigantic black cloud; the claps of thunder echo as they roll across the sky, and the sound of the rain on the tin roof is hypnotic; the smell of the dry earth drinking in the first rain is so distinctive.

Tropical weather - Every year at this time I tell my husband I want to move to Florida. I am just not a cold weather type of gal, and I don't care how many people hear my wimpy whining about it. I've heard so many people say they would never want to live in a climate that does not cycle through 4 seasons. Not me. Give me one season: hot.

Television - I know some people think the TV is evil. And some of it is; we certainly monitor what the kids watch. But I enjoy relaxing in front of the TV or doing chores or work with the TV on. I like to catch up on my news while I'm making lunch or dinner, and I like the background noise in the evening, especially if Mark is gone. I even set it on the timer and fall asleep to it when he's gone. Some of my faves? Chuck, Psych, Monk, The Mentalist. Obviously, I like the crime shows that aren't too serious!

So...those are the 10 things which fit me to a T. Do you want a letter? Let me know in your comments.


CrossView said...

You did good with that "T"! LOL! Fun and/or interesting read!

And off-topic: I'm slowly moving things over. Just one purge from the closet...

Darcsea said...

My maiden name started with a T so I have true affection for the T. However I am up to the challenge, so hit me with the alphabet.

Kathleen said...

Well…I hope you can do something with an O; I asked Alex for a number between 1 and 26, and she gave me 15!

Mitzi said...

Hit me up! I am ready for the challenge.

Kathleen said...

Mitzi ~ Jacob gave me #16, so you've got P!

Annie H. said...

Your list was Terrific! Ha-ha! But really, I think you did a great job with it! Things I relate to? TEA - I think I drink 20 glasses of green tea a day. It soothes me and warms me! Oh, and triple chocolate cake... with lots of frosting? Wow, I'm so there. Finally, I've never seen a thunderstorm in Africa, but that is so interesting and I'd have to put it at the top of my list of things I'd love to see. Thanks for playing! I LOVE your list!