Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Must See PupE

Usually after all school work is complete, media tickets are cashed in for precious minutes on the computer, TV, or video games. Yesterday, however, no such requests were made. Instead, the kids spent their afternoon watching their new puppy sleeping. I guess a cute little snoozing pup trumps Star Wars on the Wii.


Darcsea said...

Max is sure one lucky pooch. All this love and affection. Now it is time to start training. My puppy is my boyfriend. He is so excited to see me and he snores very little.LOL Have you seen the Marley and Me? It may be too much for younger kids in parts, but maybe a date movie for you and your sweet husband.

How is the bread making coming? Spoke to Leann and she told me that ya'll get the wheat flour in buckets. I would like to place an order. Let me know :)

CrossView said...

Critters are about the only thing that gets us to unplug, too! =D

dclouser said...

Nothing like a puppy with kids! They take work, but it's worth it. We are hoping to breed our dog so Elizabeth can have puppies when she's home this summer.