Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Little Robot

Audrey says the funniest things. Often times, she will quip in a monotone voice, "I. Am. A. Robot." Her newest thing as she doles out hugs and kisses is to say, "I'm a kissing machine!" or "I'm a hugging machine!" This morning I asked her for a hug, and she said, "I am a hugging machine, and I'm out of batteries!"

After determining that her batteries go in her back, I replaced her batteries so she could once again be a functioning hugging machine.


CrossView said...

Now that's adorable! =D
Hope you have an endless supply of "batteries" on hand!

By the way, it's an Indian artifiact- an arrowhead.... ;o)

Darcsea said...

You have to admit that some times we appreciate when the batteries wear out :)

Kathleen said...

Yes, WHY don't those batteries wear out, oh, around bedtime???

Annie said...

I have missed you the last few weeks... I've been able to check in a couple times, but I'll try to catch up on your posts today. I just love this post... things kids say are some of my favorite things in life! They are just so hilarious... if only I could audio record them all and keep them for the future. I'm so jealous you have a hugging machine!!! Blessings!