Thursday, January 1, 2009

Children's Museum

Unfortunately, I spent all of Sunday night and early in to Monday morning hanging over the toilet, thus securing a spot on my sister-in-law's couch for the duration of the day. Thankfully, we suspect food poisoning. Probably that Chicago-style pizza...another reason to stick to southern-style-New York-style pizza. I say thankfully because the flu would have meant 4 little people coming down sick about the time we left Chicago, and, well, I prefer my road trips vomit-free. Anyway, because I was out of commission, Daddy and Uncle Joel got the privelege of spending the afternoon with the kids at the Children's Museum. Along with the rest of the children of Illinois. Oh, how we miss the typical homeschool crowds during vacation time!


CrossView said...

Wow! What an awesome field trip!

Sorry you were sick... Glad it was temporary!

Annie said...

so sorry you were sick! There's nothing worse than time with the toilet!! Looks like a great experience. My kids always LOVE doing children's museums.