Monday, January 21, 2008


I didn't title this post because I can't decide between "Ode to My Dear Husband" and "Glued Back Together." See, God knew what He was doing when He gave me Mark. Mark is calm, cool, and collected in any emergency. He can always overcome the emotion to come up with a solution. Me? Well, I've been known to "freak out" as the kids call it (in all fairness to myself, the term is usually used by Jacob as follows: "Mom, come get Audrey before she freaks out."). I don't do well under duress. (Someday I'll blog my journal entry about when Alex stuck a bead up her nose and then, after witnessing my "freaking out", put herself voluntarily in time-out!)

Anyway...this is what transpired last night: We traded our two boys for one of Alex's friends (temporarily, of course!). This way, Alex could enjoy a girls' sleepover with just girls, and the boys would have a chance to play with their best friend Jack. Around dinner time, Mark got a phone call from Jack's mom. When I heard Mark say, "OK. I'll come get him", I assumed it was Jacob and that, as brave as he had been when he left us, he was having a difficult time being away. Mark was as calm as if he had just been told we were expecting rain tonight. And he remained just as calm as he explained that Michael had gotten hurt and would probably need stitches. Before I even had a chance to freak out, he calmly informed me that he would be glad to go get Michael and take care of him. And he did. I wasn't even worried. I didn't even freak out.

And it didn't turn out to be as bad as we thought. Michael was taken to an urgent care facility where they "glued" his owie back together. After his doctor's visit, Michael was still distraught but for a different reason...he wanted to go back to Jack's house. Jacob did too. My wonderful friend was nice enough to take back my little wild man (who, incidentally, received his wound from a vicious door). The two of them finished their sleepover and can't stop talking about it!

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